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Pepiniere Mauritius - Plants help people regain power and stability.

Pepiniere Mauritius - Plants help people regain power and stability.

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Whenever the future is anxious or uncertain, Growing plants regenerative powers are stabilizing. Plants can help regenerate power, both physically and spiritually.

For many people, plants, both indoors and outdoors, have become a source of solace in uncertainty. It’s scientifically proven that the color green is restful to people, it makes us feel safe. 

The sight of healthy green life tells our brain that we are somewhere we can thrive. met with many different plant lovers, from inmates tending gardens, to people using plants as a method for alleviating depression, to people working in community gardens.

Many of them had never given any thought to plants until they were introduced to gardening, but they all found their own way do benefited to their mental health

Plants have been shown or suggested to have a positive effect on mental health. They can boost mood and lessen depression, as well as providing you with physical exercise for its own sake, such as weeding and planting. And if it's growing your own plants that makes you happy, this article will help you choose what plants to grow, how to plant them and take care of them over time. It'll also tell you about the potential benefits of using plants therapeutically – from being used as medicinal tisane to bringing color into our lives – so you can explore whether they might be right for you.

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  1. Efferalgan Plant
  2. Baume du Pérou
  3. Ayapana
  4. Citronella Plant