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Login to SBM Mobile App.


   Choose Transfer - Other local Transfer

    Select your account number.

    Add beneficiary (+)

    Account number: 000 448 364 867

    Account name:  Mireille YUT MEE LUK TING

    Select Normal:  EFT

    Currency: MUR

    Amount : (Insert the exact amount of your order)

    Comments: (your personal note-Optional.)

    Future Dated transfer? Never activate-Always OFF.
    Insert bank name : Mauritius commercial bank ltd.
    Bank Code: EFT09001
    City : PORT LOUIS
    Select and proceed with your payment using your Transaction Password.

For any kind of error messages or troubleshoot: Please contact your BANK for more information.
Please send a screenshot of the payment confirmation on 52 55 50 61, to ensure that your order get timely processed. Please note that your order will not be packed until it has been paid for.